Cyril Auvity & L’Yriade

When Händel traveled through North Italy in the early 18th century, his travel impressions were musically shaped in small-scale, dramatic narratives – cantatas – that were full of formal experiments, melodic-harmonic innovations and other daring techniques which the composer wanted to try out first before using them in greater works. The result? Chiaroscuro scenes abundant in fantasy and emotions, with love as its core: the preferential playground of French top talent Cyril Auvity.
Two seasons ago Cyril Auvity treated AMUZ to an unmatched recital with amorous airs. This time he selected Italian cantatas from Händel’s oeuvre. Flanked by two violinists and a sturdy basso continuo he sketches the ups and downs of Un alma innamorata – a soul in love: a personal view of the spell that love casts on a human being, and the strength that can be mustered up against that predicament.

Cyril Auvity, tenor | Léonor de Recondo, violin | Birgit Goris, violin | Elisa Joglar, cello | Isabelle Sauveur, harpsichord | Marc Wolff, theorbo

G.F. Händel: Tu fedel? Tu costante?, HWV 171; Un alma innamorata, HWV 173; Figlio d’alte speranze, HWV 113; Triosonata in g, HWV 391; Triosonata in g, HWV 387