Renaissance has been labeled as a blooming period of the fine arts with Italy setting the course. Surprisingly though, not much music is known from 15th-century Italy. In this socalled mute period a new style originated at the core of humanistic literature, mingling erudition with popular elements. Of this repertory only a couple of songs have come down to us.

Daedalus wants to approach Renaissance music as originally as possible, searching for analogies of music that is hard to contextualize, and following tracks up to modern times. The artist in residence will bring profane odes, jokes, idyllic songs, dance songs and old Italian poems. The music of anonymous masters and the poetry of Leonardo Giustiniani will be infused with new life on period instruments. This way you will discover the mystery of unwritten music: resplendent with light, full of life, and with marvellous voices to boot!

Monika Mauch, soprano | Pascal Bertin, alto | Josep Benet, tenor | Bernd Lambauer, tenor | Josep Cabré, baritone | Margherita degli Esposti, flute | Roberto Festa,  flute & artistic direction | Hugh Sandilands, lute | Brigitte Gasser, viol | Sylvia Tecardi, viola da viol