The final concert of Laus Polyphoniae is a musical tournament between venomous lovers. Pomponio Nenna and Carlo Gesualdo were both scions of prominent, noble families and were worthy opponents. Despite their mutual respect, their rivalry soon got them on edge, resulting in accusations of plagiarism. Daedalus lets both composers duel on the festival stage!

Was it Nenna who inspired Gesualdo, or the other way around? Recent research favours the latter option. However, the whole truth will never become totally clear, Nenna’s second and third book with madrigals in five parts having been lost. Or did Gesualdo successfully manage to interfere with their publication? Despite the allegations of plagiarism, Nenna did succed in building a fine career in Rome after having escaped from Naples and the influential Gesualdo.

Monika Mauch, soprano | Ulrike Hofbauer, soprano | Pascal Bertin, alto | Josep Benet, tenor | Jan Van Elsacker, tenor | Josep Cabré, baritone | Philippe Roche, bass | Sylvia Abramowicz, viol | Tore Eketorp, viol | Roberto Festa, viol | Brigitte Gasser, viol | Markus Tapio, viol | Sylvia Tecardi, viol

Work by Pomponio Nenna and Carlo Gesualdo