Dez Mona feat. BOX

In recent years Antwerp based Dez Mona have made a name for themselves in Belgium and beyond. They’re known for their acoustic music based on a combination of jazz, gospel, tango and torch songs, but it’s Gregory Frateur’s mind-blowing vocal abilities that really deliver the goods. These days however, the collective have come up with a surprising new project. ‘Sága’ stands midway between a modern opera and a song cycle, and deals with ‘homecoming’ as its main theme. The songs emanate from the continuous search for ideal geographical and spiritual surroundings. By looking into the past, Dez Mona try to explain the current state of affairs. But more than anything, their latest work is a poetic reflection on what is happening here and now.

‘Sága’ springs from an alliance with BOX, a classically trained ensemble that almost exclusively makes use of baroque instruments. The latter yield sounds and textures seldomly heard in contemporary popular music. But even though the harpsichord, viola da gamba, baroque harp and theorbe (a lute like, stringed instrument) play a prominent role in the songs, to most listeners Dez Mona’s musical universe will remain familiar.

This charity concert is organised by AMUZ. All funds raised will go to Music For Life 2011. Sága is a coproduction between deSingel, KlaraFestival & Operadagen Rotterdam.