The Knight Tondal falls asleep during a banquet. His soul descends into hell, but a mysterious angel leads him back to the living. Even though his journey was seemingly endless, Tondal has to face the fact that he was away only for a few seconds. Ensemble Dialogos performs this 12th-century story in luminous songs that make body and soul vibrate!

Tondal’s Vision is a popular text from the Middle Ages, written by an Irish monk. The story was translated into many languages and contained many references to liturgical hymns. Singer cum musicologist Katarina Livljanić made a musical reconstruction. She took advantage of the Croatian music collection Vartal: a reliable translation of Tondal’s Vision, written for a 16th-century monastery of Benedictine nuns at the Dalmatian coast.

Marie Barenton, voice | Laura Gordiani, voice | Lucia Nigohossian, voice | Sandrah Silvio, voice | Sylvie Špehar-Vučić, voice | Katarina Livljanić, voice & artistic direction