Dialogos & Kantaduri

Katarina Livljanic‘ and Joško Caleta, supported by their respective backing of classically educated musicians and folk musicians, explore popular belief and pagan rituals from medieval Bosnia-Herzegovina. The spiritual experiencing of the human alpha and omega inspired them for a production with incantations and powerful hymns between East and West.
Medieval Bosnia was surprisingly rich in terms of spiritual traditions: catholic, orthodox, jewish, muslim, but also heretic persuasions coexisted concurrently. Their vestigial remnants survive in liturgical manuscripts, but also in contemporary religious practice. Searching between the broken fragments of conflicts from a distant and near past, Dialogos and Kantaduri engage in a quest for sounds of peace and tolerance, with key moments from (medieval) life as their guideline: birth and death, blessing and curse, invocation of the angels and exorcism!

In cooperation with Fondation Royaumont

Dialogos & Kantaduri | Katarina Livljanic‘, artistic direction | Joško Caleta, artistic direction