Brigitte Lesne browsed through the oeuvre of polyphonist Gilles Binchois, dived into medieval manuscripts with Gregorian and many-voiced repertoire, and emerged again brilliant music. From Binchois – one of the masters of the 15th-century polyphonic song – no chansons were chosen this time but sacred works: three-part pearls that even intensify the brilliance of his musical heritage. Anonymous Christmas songs and liturgical songs in unison from the days of Binchois sketch the canvas of his life and work: late medieval England. Accompanied by the bells in various tunings that have become their trademark, the singers of Discantus strike out upon new paths in the field of Renaissance music! Specialist Jean-Yves Haymoz checked interpretation and pronunciation, approvingly …

Discantus | Brigitte Lesne, artistic direction

G. Binchois: motets | Anonimus: polyphone christmas songs; 15th-century gregorian chant