Ensemble Delgocha & Capilla Flamenca

“Qui de sentiment ne fait, son dit et son chant contrefait.” Guillaume de Machaut, maybe the most important composer and poet of 14th-century Europe, did not mean anything else than what the ancient Greeks already knew, namely that a text can only have a certain impact if it is rendered efficiently. Declamation goes back to precedents in the rhetoric of the ancient world and in a long extant singing tradition of medieval Europe. In the Muslim lands, too, the heritage of the ancient world had an enormous influence in the field of music as well. Capilla Flamenca invited a number of musicians from Iran with a view to confronting the ars nova and ars subtilior of composers such as Philippe de Vitry, Guillaume de Machaut and Johannes Ciconia with classical Persian music. The latter repertoire will be taken care of by Taghi Akhbari and his musicians. Ensemble Delgocha arose as a meeting of people with a passion for Iranian musical tradition. Their subtle, artistic and tasteful music is based on oral tradition. In short, the best of two worlds will converge in this extraordinary and border-crossing concert!

I.s.m. Moussem Nomadic Arts Centre

Taghi Akhbari, singer

On the UNESCO website, you can read more about Iranian music as a UNESCO History Project.

This concert was originally planned with Madjid Khaladj Ensemble. Since they are unable to attend, Capilla Flamenca decided to cooperate with Ensemble Delgocha. See here for more information about Taghi Akhbari, leader of Ensemble Delgocha.