Ensemble Explorations & Rudi Knoops

After Laus Polyphoniae AMUZ opts for an exciting and unconventional concert! MULTIPLE voice/vision is a research project of media artist Rudi Knoops about the interaction between many-voiced music and audiovisual designing. Knoops has built an optical machine to visualise and analyse music. He takes advantage of anamorphosis, a technique of distortion that has been used ever since the renaissance, forcing the spectator to search for the ideal perspective to perceive an image. In the interactive installation of Knoops the visual and the auditive perspective work against each other to a certain extent, resulting in a peculiar viewing and hearing experience. Ensemble Explorations – in residence at AMUZ – will take care of the musical part. Bach’s Musikalisches Opfer with its ingenious structure offers the ideal research subject. Season 11|12 will be concluded with part 2 of MULTIPLE voice/vision.

Rudi Knoops, concept & installation | Frank Theuns, traverso | Margarete Adorf, violin | Bart Naessens, harpsichord | Roel Dieltiens, cello & artistic direction