Ensemble Explorations & Rudi Knoops

In the first part of MULTIPLE voice/vision researcher Rudi Knoops and Ensemble Explorations combined forces in a joint venture with a view to visualising and analysing Bach’s Musikalisches Opfer through an optical installation. In this second part we take the experiment a step farther, confronting the whole with a brand new composition by the young Fleming Joachim Brackx, who has been commissioned to make a personal reply to Bach’s masterpiece. Again the visitor will be challenged to engage in a search for the proper perspective to optimally experience the baroque – and now also contemporary – sound structures. An interactive game that will introduce you in a persuasive way into the contemporary research concerning polyphony and audiovisual techniques.

Rudi Knoops, concept & installation | Amaryllis Dieltiens, soprano | Frank Theuns, traverso | Margarete Adorf, violin | Bart Naessens, harpsichord | Roel Dieltiens, cello & artistic direction

Johann Sebastian Bach: Musikalisches Opfer, BWV 1079 | Joachim Brackx: creatie