Ensemble Movimento

In the 17th century protestant northern Europe idolized him: we are talking about the Bohemian Andreas Hammerschmidt, one of the leading authors of German church music. For the celebration of the 400th anniversary of his birth Ensemble Movimento brings Hammerschmidt’s sacred concerts, madrigals and symphonies for two solo voices. The whole will be framed by instrumental and vocal music by contemporaries such as Melchior Franck, Johann Rosenmüller and Johann Schop. Movimento is an ensemble of stature, witness not only the impressive credentials of the members (who have already been individually hosted by AMUZ), but also their meticulous way of playing. The group honours its name: the musicians are moved and succeed in sharing this. They move you to merge completely with their sound!

Nele Gramß, soprano | Charles Daniels, tenor | Veronika Skuplik, violin | Catherine Aglibut, violin | Frauke Hess, viol | NN, theorbo | Christoph Lehmann, harpsichord