Ensemble Summer School Cappella Pratensis

In the 15th and 16th century polyphony was one of the most important export products of the Low Countries. Composers, singers and compositions from this area were appreciated all over Europe, and local polyphonic traditions were confronted with French-Flemish music culture. The mutual interaction between polyphony of the Low Countries on the one hand and of Italy and Austria on the other has been adequately documented already. However, our knowledge of the exchanges with the polyphonic tradition in Portugal is rather inadequate. At an international summer school the members of Cappella Pratensis guide advanced singers through the polyphonic repertoire of Portugal. They will work both on original Portuguese music and on French-Flemish works that resounded in Portugal. This year too original notation will be the basis. During this presentation moment the ensemble of the summer school will offer the result of its voyage of discovery.

Artistic direction
Stratton Bull, Christopher Kale & Pieter Stas

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