Georg Nigl & Andreas Staier

Artist in residence Andreas Staier, together with the versatile baritone Georg Nigl, will treat you to an evening of Lieder in the romantic tradition. The programme features Schumann’s well-known cycle Dichterliebe and a selection from Schubert’s rich Lied oeuvre. Awakening love, aching desire, but also bitter disappointment and its sarcastic working through, all set to music in a masterly fashion.

As a soprano soloist with the Wiener Sängerknaben Georg Nigl was already intensively involved in music at an early age. Today he is mainly famous as a performer of twentieth century, classical music in the leading European opera houses. Staier, who can already boast a series of excellent Schubert and Schumann recordings, accompanies Nigl on a historical keyboard.

Georg Nigl, baritone | Andreas Staier, fortepiano

As artist in residence, Andreas Staier brings 3 concerts in AMUZ this season:
– 19/10/12 | Bach & France
– 22/03/13 | Pour passer la Mélancholie