Goeyvaerts Strijktrio +

“I have to concentrate on every sound, thus making every blade of grass as important as a flower”: Arvo Pärt is the master of the purified sound of the provocative simplicity. Abandon yourself to the vastness of Pärt’s Stabat Mater, Trivium and Sarah Was Ninety Years Old, and feel the cleansing effect after this unique concert experience!

As a member of the so-called ‘God Squad’ Pärt looks for something else than the impersonal and strongly systematized music of his contemporaries. Pärt’s work expresses deep emotions and is rooted in faith. Because religious music was forbidden under the Soviet regime, the original title of Sarah Was Ninety Years Old was Modus. Yet the composition was grafted onto the Old Testament. A live performance of this epic work is a nearly mystic experience, a spiritual island in a world that keeps racing ahead.

Els Crommen, soprano | Kristien Roels, violin | Kris Matthynssens, viola | Pieter Stas, violoncello | Barnabás Hegyi, counter tenor | Olivier Berten, tenor | Peter De Laurentiis, tenor | Bart Jacobs, organ | Gaetan La Mela, percussion

Arvo Pärt: Trivium voor orgel, Sarah was ninety years old, Stabat mater