With its original, inspired and unique productions graindelavoix has become a fixture at AMUZ. This season, in partnership with Moussem, we offer the brand-new programme Confréries: the last part from a grandly conceived trilogy around the 13th-century Carnet of Villard de Honnecourt, which will be given a voice in the songs of five ladies of grandelavoix and five female Moroccan singers.

Villard’s Carnet is a sketchbook that he used while traveling through Europe as a consultant of the diocese of Cambrai, possibly also as a cathedral builder. His network is the point of departure for an exploration of the concept of ‘confraternity’ in an urban context. And of course this becomes first and foremost a musical voyage of discovery! Graindelavoix samples from the music of confraternities in Northern France, but will also explore wider horizons in search of adventure. From this confrontation a contemporary interpretation of age-old traditions will geminate.

I.c.w. Moussem Nomadisch Kunstencentrum

Björn Schmelzer, artistieke leiding artistic direction