Huelgas Ensemble

Composer João Lourenço Rebelo enjoyed a privileged position as a childhood friend of the Portuguese king João IV. It was he who was responsible for the king’s budding passion for music, encouraging him to compose music himself as well. During his career at the court Rebelo developed a style of his own that was much more modern than mainstream music in Portugal in those days. His privileged access to the rich royal music library enabled him to discover the Venetian particularity of multiple choirs. This factor and other elements such as chromaticism Rebelo masterly arranged with a personal twist, kneading it into individualist music that was far ahead of its time. The psalm settings that Huelgas offers you have been written for singers and wind players. The eight-part lamentations are a capella and immediately betray Rebelo’s penetrating style: an exceedingly fascinating repertoire that demands the characteristic expressiveness of Paul Van Nevel and his ensemble!

At 10:15 p.m. this festival evening will continue with Café Saudade.

Paul Van Nevel, artistic direction