Huelgas Ensemble

Jacobus Gallus was born in Slovenia in 1550 and left his country as a teenager in pursuit of the muse of music. Despite his relatively short life – he only reached the age of forty-one – the man left behind a monumental oeuvre of about five hundred works. In this a cappella concert with twelve voices Huelgas Ensemble brings a varied selection from his music.

The programme features secular works on classical texts by Virgil, Horace, Ovid and Martial. You will also hear a composition for two parts from Bicinia septuagint, fragments from the Missa Sancta Maria and a generous selection from Gallus’ monumental collection Opus Musicum. You will notice that the music of Gallus is a fascinating mix of composition techniques of his better-known Flemish and Italian peers, such as Lassus and Willaert.

Paul Van Nevel, artistic direction | Sabine Lutzenberger, cantus | Poline Renou, cantus | Michaela Riener, cantus | Kaspar Kröner, altus | Witte Weber, altus | Stefan Berghammer, tenor | Tom Phillips, tenor | George Pooley, tenor | Achim Schulz, tenor | Matthew Vine, tenor | Marc Busnel, bas | Guillaume Olry, bassus | Tim Whiteley, bassus