Il Fondamento

Although Johann Sebastian Bach never visited Italy, he was nonetheless in keeping with the German tradition decisively influenced by Italian and French style elements. Like Georg Philipp Telemann Bach is even a master in fusing those two styles, thus creating the socalled German style. In this context it was considered as absolutely normal and even as a homage to transcribe compositions by Italian colleagues for other instruments. Thus Bach adapted Alessandro Marcello’s oboe concerto to a concerto for harpsichord, and the concerto in A minor for two violins by Vivaldi to a piece for organ. The original Italian works are juxtaposed with the Brandenburg Concertos nr 1 and 2, aligning themselves with the same Italian tradition by, among other elements, their sequence of fast-slow-fast movements. The ensemble Il Fondamento, founded in 1989, has been developing in the course of the years a generous and transparent orchestral sound, with Paul Dombrecht’s acclaimed baroque oboe as its pivot. Even with well-known reprtoire on the programme these musicians guarantee a unique sound colour and refreshing performances!

Paul Dombrecht, oboe & artistic direction