Il Giardino Armonico

Antonio Vivaldi composed no less than 253 concertos for the violin, and a matching amount for other or multiple soloists! Also the recorder gets pride of place more than once: like in his concertos for violin, Vivaldi explores the playing techniques and the coloration of the instrument, sounding out the formal boundaries and the musical opportunities of the genre. Vivaldi managed in his concertos to combine musical inventiveness with attractiveness:
sharp musical dialogues and virtuoso fireworks galore! Some of these concertos came down to us under a nickname, La Notte, for example, characterized by slumbers, dreams and spooky things. Furthermore Il Giardino Armonico chose a sonata by Vivaldi’s fellow citizen Alessandro Scarlatti, a Partita of that other genius of the violin, Biber, and a trio sonata by Purcell – the figure-head of British baroque.

Il Giardino Armonico | Giovanni Antonini, artistic direction 

G. Ph. Telemann: Concerto in g voor blokfluit, twee violen & basso continuo | H.I.F. von Biber: Partita voor twee violen & basso continuo | A. Vivaldi: Triosonate voor twee violen & basso continuo ‘La Follia’ RV 63 | A. Scarlatti: Sonate in c voor blokfluit, twee violen & basso continuo | H. Purcell: Sonate in Bes voor twee violen & basso continuo | A. Vivaldi,Concerto voor blokfluit, twee violen & basso continuo ‘La Notte’ RV 104