International Young Artist’s Presentation

The IYAP is a popular part of the festival programme of Laus Polyphoniae. AMUZ and Musica take you in tow along special venues in Antwerp. As you move on, you get opportunities to familiarize yourself with promising ensembles from home and abroad. These groups have been selected in advance for coaching by the American soprano Jill Feldman and prove their mettle on the festival stage as finale.

Seats for this concert platform are limited. Booking in advance is highly recommended. You can participate in this concert promenade with or without lunch. Lunch needs to be booked separately for €15.

I.c.w. Musica, Impuls centre for music


The IYAP Selected Promising Ensemble 2012 are:

Alta Capella Soloists (RU)
Maxim Emelyanychev – cornetto, cornetto muto, Ekaterina Nazarova – baroque violin, Natalia Timofeeva – baroque cello, viola da gamba, Ivan Velikanov – organ, harpsichord

Trio Cammerton (DE)
Barbara Adamczyk – fortepiano | Karin Gemeinhardt – bassoon | Kayo Nishida – clarinet

L’Aura Rilucente (IT)
Sara Bagnati – Vvolin, Heriberto Delgado Gutiérrez – violin, Silvia Serrano Monesterolo – Cello, Maximilian Ehrhardt – Baroque Harp, Giorgio Dal Monti – Harpsicord

Les Surprises (FR)
Juliette Guignard – viola da gamba, Louis-Noël Bestion de Camboulas – harpsichord and organ, Violaine Le Chenadec – soprano, Étienne Galletier – theorbe

LinGon (NO)
Victoria Liedbergius – soprano, Madoka Nakamaru – violin, Rebecca Lefèvre – viola da gamba, Kanoko Miyazaki – harpsichord

Thalia Ensemble (NL)
Mayumi Eguro – fortepiano, Sarah Aßmann – oboe, Diederik Ornée – clarinet, Hylke Rozema – natural horn, José Rodrigues Gomes – bassoon

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