Jan Michiels & Inge Spinette

Inge Spinette and Jan Michiels ask you to dance. In this programme for four hands the couple cast a glance on the history of the waltz: from the Viennese Ländler (a ‘waltz on clogs’) of Franz Schubert and Johannes Brahms to the apotheosis of the Wiener Walzer by Richard Strauss.

A dance step further catastrophe strikes with Maurice Ravel’s La Valse from 1920, a sublime expression of the fragmentation of the waltz and of the bourgeois-romantic world view. The Viennese empire thus collapses symbolically (preceded two years before, in 1918, by its literal collapse). At the end of the 20th century Wolfgang Rihm looks back nostalgically, but not without irony, in Mehrere kurze Walzer.

Jan Michiels & Inge Spinette, piano four hands  

F. Schubert/J. Brahms: 17 Deutsche, genannt ‘Ländler’ D.366 | J. Brahms: Walzer opus 39 | R. Strauss/O. Singer: Der Rosenkavalier-Walzer | M. Ravel/L. Garban: La Valse | W. Rihm: Mehrere kurze Walzer