Jan Van Elsacker & Il Trionfo

Meet Francesco Rasi: star tenor, composer, chitarrone player and poet. Just like Monteverdi Rasi was for a long time employed by the Duke of Mantua. He premiered the title role in L’Orfeo and shone in several other early operas. Jan van Elsacker puts himself in the shoes of this colourful figure, bringing works that Rasi himself sang and composed.

In the tracks of the Gonzaga family Rasi traveled all over Italy and also visited Poland, France and the Low Countries. In 1610 he was condemned to death for murdering the servant of his mother-in-law and for attempting to murder his mother-in-law. He managed to elude the punishment, enjoying protection by the Gonzagas. Until his death in 1621 he remained a celebrated singer, praised for his gracious and sensitive performances.