Janos Bruneel, Bart Van Caenegem & Carlos Bruneel

AMUZ launches the new year full steam with the young, Flemish stage talent Janos Bruneel. As a double bass player he proved his mettle in a flying gallop at the conservatories of Brussels and The Hague – where upon graduating he was immediately appointed as a teacher! – and he made a big splash with diverse ensembles at international competitions and festivals to boot. AMUZ has given Janos a free hand to organize a HIP jazz concert with music and musicians of his own choice. It’s going to be a special balancing act between instruments of yesterday and today, music from a distant past dressed up in a contemporary outfit, between respect for historical performance practices and concurrently questioning them. Improvisation techniques of today applied to polyphonous compositions: a daring but dashing beginning of a musical top year at AMUZ!

Carlos Bruneel, flute | Bart Van Caenegem, fortepiano | Janos Bruneel, double bass & artistic direction