Johanette Zomer & Fred Jacobs

The Dutch soprano Johannette Zomer and lute-player Fred Jacobs started their collaboration ten years ago with the acclaimed CD Splendore di Roma. Today their path leads again to the Eternal City. They engage on a quest for the kind of music that Italy had to offer when Pieter Paul Rubens sojourned there in the first decade of the 17th century. The madrigals of a composer with a touch of genius such as Sigismondo D’India no doubt reached the painter’s ears, for these songs were already sung by ‘everybody’ in Rome before 1609, according to reliable sources. In the same period Giulio Caccini’s Le Nuove Musiche was published, a collection of music that was to dramatically change the art of singing in Europe …

This concert starts at 7 p.m. with an introduction on the theme of Italianate influences on Rubens (Dutch spoken). On presentation of your concert ticket you will also be admitted to the prestigious exhibition Palazzo Rubens: the Master as Architect (6-10 p.m.).
Johannette Zomer, soprano | Fred Jacobs, theorbo