Joris Verdin & Psallentes

After Huelgas Ensemble Psallentes, too, goes deeply into the rich sound world of the Missa in illo tempore, Monteverdi’s oldest Mass, based on the motet with the same title by Nicolas Gombert. Around this work by the young and ambitious Claudio, Psallentes constructs an exciting programme, featuring in addition to Gombert’s original motet also plainchant from sources printed in Antwerp in the early 17th century.

Monteverdi intended to demonstrate through the Missa in illo tempore how skillful he was with imitation between voices as well as with ancient forms of counterpoint generally. From Gombert’s work he distilled eight themes (he called them ‘fughe’), using them throughout the Mass as building stones  for his mighty construction. For this concert Psallentes adopts XL strength: with twelve singers and continuo. 

I.c.w. vzw Antwerpse Kathedraalconcerten