Joshua Rifkin & Cappella Pratensis

Jacobus Clemens non Papa is one of the giants of the so-called ‘post-Josquin generation’. In a career spanning barely twenty years he produced an amazing quantity of polyphonic works. Because of their exceptional quality he was cherished by the religious and political rulers of his age, but precisely his reputation as a successor to Josquin caused him to be overshadowed by his great predeccesor. And as a composer who never left the Low Countries, Clemens never achieved the international fame he deserved. In celebration of his birth approximately 500 years ago, Cappella Pratensis honours this extraordinary composer with a programme that traces the last ten years of his life. The five-part Missa Gaude lux Donatiane, written for St Donas church in Bruges, will be augmented with motets connected to Leuven, Antwerp and ‘s-Hertogenbosch. The concert will be conducted by the eminent American conductor and musicologist Joshua Rifkin.

Stratton Bull & Joshua Rifkin, artistic direction