For ages Dalmatia was the playing ball of several political powers. Greeks and Romans asserted their influence, followed by the Ottoman empire, Venice, Hungary and Italy. Small wonder that exceedingly rich vocal traditions originated in this area. The singers of Kantaduri, all of them from Dalmatia, enable you to familiarize yourself with their musical past.

Just like the ensemble Faroski Kantaduri, which will be featured on 30 August on the festival stage of Laus Polyphoniae, Kantaduri specializes in Glagolitic hymns: a repertory that offers a mix of Gregorian chants with ancient, folkstyle singing traditions from Croatia. This particular type of religious music has been orally transmitted during the last ten centuries, still surviving in some coastal and island communities of Dalmatia. Seize this opportunity to hear these penetrating, age-old sounds live!

Joško Ćaleta, artistic direction