La Colombina & Ensemble Daedalus

The Portuguese Estêvão de Brito could at the end of his life look back on a splendid career. At the age of 22 he became director of music at the cathedral of Badajoz. About a decade later, in 1608, the archbishop of Évora ordained him, acting on a suggestion of the cathedral chapter. In 1613 de Brito relocated to the cathedral of Málaga, where he was chosen above five other candidates as music director. Later he was also offered a prestigious position at the royal court in Madrid, which he however declined. De Brito stayed in Málaga until his death, filling his days with conducting, composing and the teaching of the choir boys. La Colombina and Ensemble Daedalus offer you in this concert programme a Mass for the Dead. Through this marvellous music you can discover the amazing sound world of Portuguese mannerism.

La Colombina: Raquel Andueza, soprano | José Hernández Pastor, contratenor | Josep Benet, tenor | Josep Cabré, baritone & artistic direction
Ensemble Daedalus: Markus Tapio, viol | Brigitte Gasser, viol | Sylvia Abramowicz, viol | Brian Franklin, viol | Margherita degli Esposti, flute | Roberto Festa, flute & artistic direction