La Colombina & Oltremontano

That the printing of music during the renaissance was an essential link in the musical connection between Flanders and Portugal, is beyond doubt. One of the important Portuguese libraries holding music from the Low Countries was the monastery of the Augustinians of Santa Cruz in Coimbra. So Pedro de Cristo, who entered the convent of Santa Cruz in 1571 and later became music master there, was certainly aware of the music culture of our area. Together with the leading wind instrument ensemble Oltremontano the artist in residence of this festival put together a nocturn programme with vesper psalms by de Cristo. This music will be complemented with instrumental works by Manuel Rodrigues Coelho and some anonymous compositions from the convent of Santa Cruz.

La Colombina: Raquel Andueza, soprano | José Hernández Pastor, counter tenor | Josep Benet, tenor | Josep Cabré, baritone & artistic direction
Oltremontano: Bart Coen, flute | Doron David Sherwin, cornett & percussion | Ole-Kristian Andersen, sackbut | Joaquim Guerra Codina, dulcian | Fernando Miguel Jalôtto, harpsichord & organ | Ellen Schafraet, harp | Andrea Bauer, vihuela | Wim Becu, sackbut & artistic direction