La Grande Chapelle

The Portuguese Manuel Cardoso was director of music at the Carmelite convent in Lisbon. He wrote three books of Masses, the last of which he dedicated to the Spanish king Philip IV. In 1631, when Portugal was governed by the Habsburg dynasty, Cardoso paid a visit to Madrid. There he met the court musicians and got in touch with Mateo Romero, the master of the royal chapel. Cardoso was generously rewarded and the king invited him to conduct the musicians of the royal chapel. La Grande Chapelle, specialized in the early Spanish repertoire, presents in this programme diverse compositions by Cardoso, among them the six-part Missa Paradisi Portas. The ensemble is a group of experienced artists from all over Europe. This particular constitution provides La Grande Chapelle with its characteristic tone colours and its rich sonorous contrasts.

Albert Recasens, artistic direction