La Verginella

French soprano Claire Lefilliâtre is the signature voice of Le Poème Harmonique, but few people are aware of the energy and love with which she shapes her own projects. This is one of those self-styled concerts. Accompanied by four gambas and a harp, the singer brings madrigals by Marenzio, Lassus, Ferrabosco and Vecchi.

Madrigals from Italy were trendsetting in late 16th-century English music. There the genre was discovered through the very popular Musica Transalpina volumes with English translations of the songs. La Verginella combines these translated madrigals with English consort music from the same period.

I.c.w. Organisatie Oude Muziek

Claire Lefilliâtre, voice | Kaori Uemura,  viol | Sylvia Abramowicz, viol | Christine Plubeau, viol | Françoise Enock, viol | Eugène Ferré, lute