Les Muffatti

According to a strong legend Georg Friedrich Händel had his Water Music performed for the first time on the Thames, knowing that the English king George I had planned a boat trip on that day. We are in 1717 and Händel had been fired four years before by George. Through this stunt the composer wanted to come into favour again. Allegedly the ruse worked: the king appreciated the Water Music so much that he inflicted heavy duty on the musicians, requesting encores two times. Subsequently he summoned Händel to his boat for reconciliation purposes. In reality the story was probably more prosaic, but that does not diminish the fact that the Water Music was – and is! – a great joy to listen to. Baroque specialist Peter Van Heyghen and Les Muffatti – an ensemble in residence at AMUZ – will perform these rightly popular suites with their characteristic playfulness, balanced by their informed stylistic know-how. An absolute must!

Peter Van Heyghen, artistic direction