Les Muffatti & Vox Luminis

The famous libretto by Barthold Heinrich Brockes entitled Der für die Sünde der Welt gemarterte und sterbende Jesus was used for settings by such composers as Telemann, Händel, Mattheson, Stölzel and Fasch. However, the first one to set his text to music was Reinhard Keiser, one of the most famous German composers of his days. His marvellous, opera-like music dates back to the same year as the libretto, 1712. In an early stage it was performed at the home of Brockes. Peter Van Heyghen, a specialist in the rediscovery of forgotten masterpieces, proudly presents the Belgian premiere of Keiser’s passion at AMUZ. Exactly three hundred years after the work’s genesis, this is one of the very first performances in modern times! A formidable challenge which the baroque orchestra Les Muffatti eagerly accepts together with Vox Luminis, a young vocal ensemble that has been rapidly building up a solid reputation in the field of early music.

Peter Van Heyghen, artistic direction