Ludovice Ensemble

The received image of 16th- and 17th-century Portugal is often that of an isolated and subjected territory, stubbornly clinging in the musical field to the traditions of the renaissance. A country that let the new musical trends from Italy completely pass by. However, recent musical research has proved that careful differentiation is in order. The Ludovice Ensemble meets the challenge to sketch a total picture of Portuguese music practice during the late renaissance and early baroque. The link with Flanders plays a central role in this project. On the programme pride of place is given to the seven ‘symphonies’ of the Jewish-Portuguese composer Leonora Duarte, born in Antwerp. The house of her influential family of jewellers was only half a kilometre away from the Plantin printing office, where many other Portuguese composers had their music published as well.

Hilde Van Ruymbeke, soprano | NN, soprano | Bojan Cicic, violin | Míriam Macaia, violin | Nick Milne, viol | Sofia Diniz, viol | Daniel Otero, viol | Fernando Miguel Jalôto, harpsichord, organ & artistic direction