María Cristina Kiehr & Concerto Soave

The Passion story has inspired countless artists for works in which emotions are being torn. The composers of the seicento (the 17th century with reference to Italian art) took advantage of all opportunities of the musical language to make listeners empathize with, for example, the grief of the virgin Mary at the foot of the cross. They experimented exhaustively with chromaticism, daring harmonies and surprising dissonances. Particularly in Rome this expressive style was cherished. Unfortunately, compared with the French repertoire only few Italian lamentations for Holy Week have come down to us. What we know, belongs for the greater part to a manuscript in which besides many anonymous composers the names of Carissimi, Frescobaldi and Marcorelli appear too: composers who railroaded for music the same revolution as Caravaggio for painting. Soprano Maria Cristina Kiehr will enhance this repertoire with her innate musicality and her subtle sense of drama. And the instrumental passages are also in the best hands with the well-versed musicians of Concerto Soave.

María Cristina Kiehr, soprano | Sylvia Moquet, viol | Mara Galassi, harp | Jean-Marc Aymes, artistic direction

Works by Giacomo Carissimi, Girolamo Frescobaldi, Michelangelo Rossi, Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina, Giovanni Francesco Marcorelli, e.o.