Mediae Vox Ensemble

The Portuguese Mediae Vox Ensemble specializes in medieval music and is therefore perfectly cast as performer of the earliest repertoire of this festival programme. Unfortunately very few sources have come to us from medieval Portugal. In 1990 a remarkable discovery was made by an American historian who found in the binding of a 16th-century book a much older parchment with melodies for love poems by the Portuguese troubadour-king Dom Dinis (1261-1325). Before that find the only known source with profane Galician-Portuguese music was the Vindel parchment, discovered in 1913. It contains songs by the 13th-century ‘joglar’ Martín Codax, a minstrel who – in contrast to the troubadour – was not of noble descent. Seize this opportunity to discover this age-old, rarely performed repertoire!

Carolina Figueiredo, chant | Manon Marques, chant | Monica Santos, chant | Filipa Taipina, chant & artistic direction