Leonardo Giustiniani was a poet, humanist and statesman in 15th-century Venice. He was famous for being a talented improviser who accompanied his own verses on lute and lira da braccio. What characterized him was the use of Venetian dialect. This resulted in the birth of the term ‘cantare alla veneziana’. Ensemble Medusa engages on a quest for the soul of this unwritten singing style.

The artistic director of this programme is Patrizia Bovi, who in 2004 was artist in residence of Laus Polyphoniae with Ensemble Micrologus. Ever since, this charming mezzo has been raising her visibility with several appearances on the stage of AMUZ. Ensemble Medusa takes care of a subtle accompaniment that is equally authentic and subtile, thus pointing the way to Renaissance Italy, seen through the eyes of Giustiniani

Patrizia Bovi, voice, harp & artistic direction | Crawford Young, lute & viola da mano | Leah Stuttard, harp & bray pin harp | Gabriele Miracle, dulcimer & percussion.