In dark ages humankind takes hope from universal stories about (impossible) love, courtly life, war and power. This was also the case in Renaissance Italy. Micrologus will bring a colourful selection of folk songs from this period. They are humorous, gross and often salty, staging characters that were to become generally known through the commedia dell’arte.

Ensemble Micrologus originated in the bosom of the Calendimaggio festival in Assisi. During that spring festival the city is divided into two factions which clash against each other with music, street theatre and dance. Medieval tableaus are staged and complete neighbourhoods seem to go centuries back in time. With such background Micrologus is in the perfect position to revive the old, folksy music of Italy. With their pioneering concert programmes these musicians already provided several highlights for Laus Polyphoniae – a tradition that AMUZ will gladly continue!

Patrizia Bovi, voice, harp & artistic direction | Goffredo Degli Esposti, pipe and tabor & shawm | Gabriele Russo, fiddle | Enea Sorini, voice | Simone Sorini, voice & lute | Olivier Marcaud, voice | Leah Stuttard, harp & bray pin harp | Crawford Young, lute & viola da mano | Gabriele Miracle, dulcimer & percussions | Marc Lewon viola da arco, lute & cetra 

Photo (c) Sergio Fortini