Miklós Spányi

Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach was perhaps the greatest historical performer on and composer for the clavichord. His ‘empfindsame Stil’ (sensitive style) was so eminently suitable for this instrument. Bach was praised by contemporaries first and foremost because of his nearly systematic exploration and use of the expressive qualities of the clavichord. Therefore this clavier repertoire will get pride of place during CPE•BACHinPRIMETIME. And who could
qualify better for this task than Miklós Spányi? Not only is he an acclaimed keyboard virtuoso, he is also considered the world authority par excellence as far as the clavier repertoire of PE Bach is concerned. The combination of Bach’s expressive melody shaping and Spányi’s technical flexibility casts a spell. There is no way to start your Sunday better.

Miklós Spányi, clavichord

C.P.E. Bach: work for clavier