Miklós Spányi

The Hungarian Miklós Spányi is a celebrated keyboard virtuoso and is recognized all over the world as a specialist on and an interpreter of Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach’s oeuvre. Spányi succeeds in achieving a masterly interpretation of the style of “Empfindsamkeit” (sensibility) of his beloved composer, taking advantage of the clavichord with its potential to subtly manipulate keys and strings. If you play “aus der Seele” (from the soul), the music touches your heart directly and rational mediation becomes superfluous, as Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach put it himself. Consequently this solo recital will be informed by feeling, and the keys will be touched in a caressing way, not struck. The combination of Bach’s expressive melodiousness and Spányi’s technical suppleness will cast a spell on you. And on top of that the dynamic diversity of the clavichord will provide you with thrills in the spine!

Miklós Spányi, clavichord