Moneim Adwan & Friends

The sublime Sufi poetry of the 12th/13th-century mystic and poet Ibn Arabî has been an inspiration for centuries already for everyone who wants to engage on ‘a voyage without distance’, to explore the doctrine of the soul or the spiritual path. Ibn Arabî is also the author of numerous prayers, some of which are still frequently used today. With this sublime material Moneim Adwan got to work with a view to compiling a programme full of lyrical and musical reflections. This Palestine musician is exceptionally familiar with the song traditions of his country not only as a singer, but also as a lute-player and a musicologist. The musical heritage of the region Al-Châm (Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine) in conjunction with the classical Arabic repertoire forms the major source of inspiration for his works. AMUZ is delighted to host Moneim Adwan on his road to be explored, navigating between ancestral traditions and contemporary stories.

in collaboration with Nomadisch Kunstencentrum Moussem

Moneim Adwan, artistic direction