The Portuguese vocal ensemble Officium has been applying itself for a decade to the little known 16th- and 17th-century religious music of Portugal. The group enjoys back home a reputation of absolute authority for the repertoire that originated at the cathedral school of Évora, with names such as Duarte Lobo, Estêváo Lopes-Morago and Manuel Cardoso. In the framework of Laus Polyphoniae Officium will recreate a Portuguese Requiem Mass with music by those composers, a matching counterpart of the Currende concert with its Nativity Mass. Officium’s well-underpinned concert programmes and its familiarity with the vocal techniques of the renaissance have redrawn the musical map of Portugal. Therefore AMUZ is exceedingly proud to be in a positon to present this leading Portuguese ensemble to you.

At 10:15 p.m. this festival evening will continue with Café Saudade.

Pedro Teixeira, artistic direction