Open conference

At a conference with three sessions – interwoven with the diverse Sunday concerts – the following topics will successively be dealt with: the links between early music from Portugal and from the Low Countries, respectively; the specific nature or the distinct profile of the repertoire from both areas; and the vestiges preserved till today, the musical heritage. From a panel of experts, among them Oxford musicologist and performer Owen Rees and Flemish music heritage specialist Anne Mees, each speaker will in turn introduce a topic. Subsequently the discussion (or the argument!) with the colleagues will be entered into. Moreover, there will be room for interaction with the audience, which for that matter will not only consist of connoisseurs but also of aficionados. If you don’t want to miss the essence of the Portuguese-Flemish past or the best syntheses and the most clarifying pleadings of the festival, better be present here! English spoken.

9.00-10.30 SESSION 1: Is there such a thing as ‘Portuguese polyphony’? About musical identity. Keynote: Bernadette Nelson (CESEM – Universidade Nova de Lisboa)

11.00 CONCERT Coro Casa da Música Porto & Psallentes♀*

13.00-14.30 SESSION 2: Musical heritage: the future of our musical past.
Keynote: Fernando Miguel Jalôto (Ludovice Ensemble)

15.00 CONCERT Contrapunctus*

17.30-19.00 SESSION 3: Portugal – Flanders: musical intersections from the middle ages up to the early baroque era. Keynote: Owen Rees (University of Oxford | Contrapunctus)

20.00 CONCERT La Colombina*

With the cooperation of:
Bruno Bouckaert (Artesis Hogeschool Antwerpen – Koninklijk Conservatorium) | Paulo Estudante (Universidade de Coimbra) | Paulo Lameiro (Musicalmente) | Anne Mees (Resonant) | Jan Nuchelmans (Conservatorium Amsterdam – Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten) | Sofie Taes (Alamire Foundation | K.U.Leuven | AMUZ) a.o.

* Concert tickets are not included