Orkest van de Achttiende Eeuw & Cappella Amsterdam

Stories feed recollections and keep them alive. Each year around Easter the story of Christ’s suffering is therefore narrated again all over the world – a ritual that has taken on a life of its own, also in music. Bach’s setting of the passion story according to John belongs to the top layer of the classical canon: a monumental whole of arias, recitatives, instrumental and choral parts, combining a rich score with a matchless dramatic structure.
The St John Passion was premiered in April 1724 and during Bach’s life there were three reruns that each time slightly differed. Fortunately all pieces of he puzzle are of equal quality, making it fascinating for a conductor to try and sort out his own ideal mosaic! This repertoire belongs to the preferred sphere of activity of the Orchestra of the Eighteenth Century: exclusively working with specialists in the music of the baroque and the classical era, this international company earned world fame by virtue of its fresh interpretations on period instruments. The powerful and theatrical St John Passion is also top of the bill on their list of favourites – that augurs well!

Anders Dahlin, evangelist | Konstantin Wolff, Jezus | Lenneke Ruiten, soprano | Rosanne van Sandwijk, alto | NN, tenor | André Morsch, bass | Daniel Reuss, choirmaster | Frans Brüggen, artistic direction

J.S. Bach: St John Passion, BWV 245

Update: Frans Brüggen will not be able to conduct due to health problems. He will be replaced by the talented Daniel Reuss. (Cappella Amsterdam, Rias Kammerchor, Akademie für Alte Musik Berlin e.o.)