Paul Agnew & Elizabeth Kenny

The 17th-century French composer Sébastien Le Camus was greatly admired in his days for the way in which he managed to express the words of a yearning love poem into seductive airs. Moreover he was an exceptionally gifted musician who was appointed for key positions at the royal court. The same is true for his contemporary John Dowland, at least on the continent, for at the English court a position kept eluding him. Nevertheless Dowland rightly went down in history as England’s most influential composer of lute music. AMUZ invites two leading British musicians who are entirely at home in this exquisite repertoire. Paul Agnew and Elisabeth Kenny proved their mettle with William Christie’s Les Arts Florissants and are both in great demand on the international concert scene. With superb skill they will guide you through a selection of melancholy songs such as Awake sweet love, In darkness let me dwell and Amour cruel amour.

Paul Agnew, tenor | Elizabeth Kenny, lute

A foretaste of a love poem
Lady, if you so spite me,
Wherefore do you so oft kiss and delight me?
Sure that my heart oppress’d overcloyed,
May break thus overjoy’d.
If you seek to spill me,
Come kiss me, sweet, and kill me.
So shall your heart be eased,
And I shall rest content and die, well pleased.