Per Flauto

At the beginning of the 18th century London was an important cultural centre attracting musicians from all the corners of the world. Performers played in full swing, contributing to the ambiance of concert life, and composers had their works performed or printed there. Thus for example Georg Friedrich Händel from Germany, Francesco Mancini and Arcangelo Corelli from Italy, Charles Dieupart from France and John Loeillet, a native of Ghent. From this melting pot Per Flauto distilled a varied programme with a cast that was very popular in London, namely recorder, harpsichord and viol. Many musicians who played in orchestras used to perform besides in chamber music ensembles during the intermezzos of theatre and opera performances, or in concerts that were organized separately. Their example created an enormous market of amateurs who were eagerly searching for scores. All this industry resulted in a rich literature: enough materials for an opulent baroque concert in intimate strength!

Nicholas Milne, viol | Herman Stinders, harpsichord | Bart Coen, recorder & artistic direction

Georg Friedrich Händel, Francesco Mancini, Arcangelo Corelli, John Loeillet, Andrew Parcham & Charles Dieupart