Perseus & Andromeda

A princess in distress, a young hero and a dreadful sea monster: the age-old myth of Perseus and Andromeda contains all ingredients to fascinate young and old. Ensemble L’Aura Rilucente and Martin Butler adapted the baroque opera Persée by Jean Baptiste Lully to children’s size.

A poetic shadow play draws the children into the story, while concurrently the baroque music swirls and enchants. A storyteller invites the audience to enter a world where gods, nymphs and monsters exist, a world that will keep shimmering for a while … L’Aura Rilucente was already acclaimed in 2012 during the international Young Artist’s Presentation for promising young ensembles. With Perseus & Andromeda they carry on with great zest.

L’Aura Rilucente: Vera Milani, soprano | Myriam Arbouz, mezzo soprano | Andrés Montilla-Acurero, tenor | Yannis François, baritone | Heriberto Delgado Gutierrez, violin | Sara Bagnati, violin | Silvia Serrano Monesterolo, cello | Maximilian Ehrhardt, harp | Hélène Diot, harpsichord | I-Chen Zuffellato, dance | Andrea Fagarazzi, dance | Lene Stenseth, dance | Martin Butler, dance | Alejandra Theus, narrator | Martin Butler, direction

This performance was made possible by: Statens Kunstfond, Nordic Network for Early Opera, Jeanne D’art Kunststiftung, Dansmakers, Centre Culturel de Rencontre d’Ambronay & REMA