Philippe Pierlot & Julien Wolfs

Philippe Pierlot, who hails from Liège, studied guitar and lute before applying himself to the viola da gamba with Wieland Kuijken. At the moment when he graduated, he had already earned fame in the world of baroque music. Thus started a long, brilliant career on the international stages. AMUZ requested Pierlot to assemble a viol recital with music that leads us from the Low Countries to Paris.

Sweelinck, Couperin and Marais are the most famous names in the list of composers, but you will also hear works by Daniel Norcombe, viol player at the court of Albrecht and Isabella, and Nicolas Hotman, a Fleming who relocated to Paris, becoming a celebrity there. Even though only few of Pieter Cornet’s compositions have been preserved, his spunky fantasias bear witness to an exceptional talent.

I.s.m. Rubenshuis

Philippe Pierlot, viol | Julien Wolfs, harpsichord

Work by Daniel Norcombe, Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck, Louis Couperin, Marin Marais e.a.