Pieter Embrechts & Spectra Ensemble

Frankenstein!! is a sparkling show for the whole family, with pleasantly unsettling music by the Viennese composer H.K.Gruber. The story is made up of mocking children’s rhymes full of monsters, cannibals, rats and superheroes. Not only Frankenstein himself, but also figures such as Dracula, Superman, Batman and Robin appear on stage. Actor/singer Pieter Embrechts takes care of the role of the chansonnier and the Spectra Ensemble, consisting of 14 musicians, conjure up both refined and ridiculous sounds from their instruments. The whole is visually spiced with drawings by Sebastiaan Van Doninck, whose images are hand in glove with these absurd and funny sounds. Van Doninck also made the illustrations in the children’s book Welterusten iedereen (Goodnight, everybody) by Edward van de Vendel, serving as the basis for the second part of the show. Composer Joris Blanckaert made a soundtrack steeped in an atmosphere evoking the nocturnal dreams from the story. A refreshing show for ear and eye, for young and old!

Pieter Embrechts, voice | Jan Vercruysse, flute | Kris Deprey, (bass) clarinet | Pieter Jansen, violin | Veerle Van Gorp, violin | Bram Bossier, viola | Lieven Baert, cello | Luc Van Loo, piano | Frank Van Eycken, percussion | Wim Van Volsem, bassoon | Rik Vercruysse, horn | Serge Rigaumont, trumpet | Kristof Roseeuw, double bass | Filip Rathé, artistic direction

H.K. Gruber: Frankenstein!! | Joris Blanckaert: Droom-Zappen