Raquel Andueza & Jesús Fernández Baena

In 1589 the play La Pellegrina (The Pilgrim’s Wife) was staged on he occasion of a wedding feast by the Medici family. The musical entr’actes belong to the first operalike productions, paving the way for Monteverdi’s L’Orfeo. Soprano Raquel Andueza brings some magnificent solo pieces from La Pellegrina and the early operas of Monteverdi, Peri and others. 

The programma will be rounded out with innovative music by Salomone Rossi. This Jewish composer at the court of Mantua arranged in the year 1600 a number of five-part madrigals from his Primo Libro de Madrigali for solo voice and chitarrone. The very first examples of the continuo madrigal are born at that moment, the musical language of baroque being on the verge of breakthrough.